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The maintenance elements of a real estate lease can vary considerably depending on whether it is residential or commercial real estate. For most residential property rentals, the owner is responsible for all repairs and maintenance. When it comes to commercial real estate, there are different agreements that could place some maintenance work under the responsibility of the tenant. As in any contract, the responsibilities of the parties should be clearly set out in order to avoid any misunderstanding. 1. payment for temporary use of a little 2. payment for work or personal services; Salaries 3. The plot or a case of cessation 4. the status of the setting; Employment 5. Rental (British) - often used attributely 6. Someone who is hired etym Cf. Old Fren.

Lais. With regard to leasing. 1. A contract that grants the use or use of real estate for a certain period of time for a specified payment. (2) the property that is rented, rented or leased; SYN. Rental, rental. (3) the period during which a contract that transfers ownership to a person is in force; SYN. Duration of the contract. Real estate rental agreements consist of many elements that define the rights and obligations of the owner/owner and the tenant/tenant. In the absence of restrictions on use, the tenant can normally use the property for any legitimate use.

This does not mean that the owner cannot enter the property, as it is usually part of the rental agreement that the lessor has the right to enter the property for repairs or other activities described in the rental agreement. Many lease agreements offer the tenant the option to extend the lease before the end of the lease period. In case of appropriate notice, the tenant may extend for another period agreed in advance. An example of a clause could be: "At any time, up to thirty days before the expiry of this lease; the tenant may choose to extend the rental agreement for a further period of six months by written notification to the landlord. The rental amount is $xxx.xx per month for the new rental period. 1. A regular payment from a tenant to a landlord for the use of real estate. 2. The act of tearing or tearing or cracking something; SYN. Chilli, sharing. 3. Mandatory payment for the rental of immovable property made by a tenant to a lessor under the terms of a rental contract or lease. As a general rule, no improvement is made by the lessor during a lease unless the lease expressly requires it or a new written agreement is concluded.

The tenant may, with the permission of the lessor, make improvements that would however be pointed at the owner`s property at the end of the lease. Another option is the purchase of the property for the duration of the rental. As a rule, the purchase price is indicated and the lessor may or may not apply part of the rents to the down payment or purchase price. The lease agreement shall specify whether, and under what circumstances, an assignment or sublease is permitted. . . .

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