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Sample Contract Agreement For Nanny

PandaTip: It`s fair to sketch out some things for the nanny that I hope will never happen, but that would justify the nanny being able to get out of the 2-week deadline of the nanny`s agreement downstairs. These are likely to be criminal behaviours of the family or children, knowledge of child abuse, abusive behaviour towards the nanny or similar behaviour. By adding this clause, you also set a standard of behaviour for the family. The nanny`s payment is determined by the cost of living in the area and the nanny positions available. For example, a nanny in New York or San Francisco may be more expensive than in northern Maine because of job opportunities. In a perfect world, you would hire the most incredible nanny of Mary Poppins type, who would dive into your life to take care of your children, but in real life, it is not always so easy to find the perfect keeper. Welcome to our family! We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. In order to ensure that we understand all of each other`s expectations regarding this agreement, this nanny agreement outlines the extent of our agreement with respect to the duties and expectations of each party with respect to your employment as a nanny for our children. As children`s schedules and needs adjust over time, you expect changes to change over time and we will work together to meet their needs. Once the authorization has been received, a background review can be conducted in addition to contacting former employers or other references in the nanny application. This is the last safety measure the parent must take before deciding whether the nanny should be hired.

All references must be spoken over the phone and the criminal background check must be done online. First, compensation must be included in each nanny contract you create, as well as the exact number of children in care and how it is paid for overtime. Most nannies are paid by the hour and this amount may vary depending on the number of children in care, the responsibility for the work and their personal rate. In addition to salary, you also need to know if your nanny is entitled to a bonus, as well as the upcoming increase conditions, says Florence Ann Romano, a daycare expert and longtime nanny based in Chicago. If your nanny is a full-time employee, you will carefully outline the sick days, holidays, personal days and paid leave time she will receive. This not only ensures that your nanny has enough personal time (she ultimately has her own life!), but also gives parents the ability to plan child care on time. PandaTip: Close or exclude certain holidays, so that expectations between the family and the nanny are known. It`s important to include provisions that define all benefits for your nanny, especially if they contain more than national and federal law requires, Flynn says. There are some important categories that you want to be sure to mention in a nanny contract.

In (unlikely!) In the event of a dispute, a contract can provide important evidence that you have complied with labour laws, says Cynthia Flynn, founder and managing partner of Hackler Flynn -Associates, a California-based temporary company. If you plan to allow your nanny to use expensive household items such as the car, computer or washing machine and dryer, this should guarantee a separate section of the contract.

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