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Sliding Scale Agreement Definition

If you`re looking into the theme of slippery ladders, be prepared for both passionate followers and passionate opponents. Find therapists who offer a sliding fee below. Filter after meeting fees to find therapists who offer sliding fees! Floating fees are variable prices for products, services or taxes based on a customer`s creditworthiness. These fees are thus reduced for those who have a lower income or, alternatively, less money than they have saved based on their personal expenses, regardless of their income. Floating tiered taxes are a form of tariff discrimination or differential pricing. Let`s start with a quick definition of sliding scales. Every customer needs to know that it exists and for whom it exists (and the requirements to get a discounted price). In addition, your customers need to know at full expense that their higher fees were subsidizing your customers with reduced fees. If you`re looking for a guaranteed way to make a therapist shizz, ask for slippery scales. In concrete terms, for medical service providers, rolling charges simplify billing and reduce the time and cost of managing insurance.

Insurance companies may refuse to cover certain diagnoses and related treatments, and they may also require updates and permanent authorizations. The paperwork is often voluminous. A sliding scale can be ideal for customers who pay in cash, often because they don`t have health insurance. If you accept insurance in your private practice, a sliding ladder may be more difficult to implement.

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