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Sr 520 Programmatic Agreement

Programmatic agreement between FHWA, ACHP, WSDOT and DAHP for the implementation of the Federal Aid Highway program in Washington State (pdf 155 kb) Click on the following links to read the main sr 520 construction management plans and agreements: Once the bridge was completed, WSDOT asked Shannon & Wilson to write a summary report on the accumulation tests in order to archive the single load test approach for Pontonists. Anchor testing included verification tests on two victim anchors, performance tests on six pairs of anchors, and proof tests on the remaining anchors. Our report summarizes the design builder`s usage test information and summarizes the data in a format that influences future floating bridge construction. August 2011 - Record of Decision (pdf 4.9 mb) The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has signed the Record of Decision, a document that manages the NEPA environmental process and allows WSDOT to continue designing the I-5 to Medina: Bridge Replacement and HOV Project and obtain building permits. The Record of Decision also lists many of the commitments made by WSDOT and FHWA to the surrounding municipalities before, during and after the construction of the project. These commitments include reducing the impact of the projects on the environment and neighbourhoods, as well as implementing traffic reduction measures in the arboretum and developing a municipal construction management plan. June 2011 - Section 106 Technical Report *Volume 1 of this report contains sensitive information about cultural resources that is not disclosed in accordance with the provisions of the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56.300). The final report and Cultural Resources Discipline Report shall contain all the information in Volume 1 of the Technical Report, in accordance with Section 106, which shall be publicly available. The contractor will carry out numerous construction activities during the Montlake project. Each activity uses different types of devices and leads to different levels and types of noise. Every week, we publish the latest report on data and nocturnal sound complaints. Supplementary project EIS - Full documentCover and table of contents (pdf 354 kb) Chapter 1 - Introduction to the project (pdf 1.1 mb) Chapter 2 - Alternatives (pdf 6 mb) Chapter 3 - Construction activities (pdf 3.4 mb) Chapter 4 - The environment of the project area (pdf 4.8 mb) Chapter 5 - Operation of the project and sustainable impact (pdf 9.4 mb) Chapter 6 - Impact during the construction of the project (pdf 3.6 mb) Chapter 7 - Indirect and cumulative effects (pdf 3.5 mb) Chapter 8 - Additional Reflections (pdf 3.6 mb) 567 kb) Appendices.

Crime prevention through environmental design (pdf 68 kb) The construction of the West Approach Bridge South requires extensive water and water works. Temporary work bridges and barges are likely used to install drilled chess foundations, bridge columns, and bridges in and over Lake Washington. The contractor will stage equipment and materials on land and on barges near the construction areas. Supply areas vary in size and function, but are available to the contractor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To build the West Approach Bridge South, the contractor may also build a temporary working bridge and staging platform on the eastern periphery of the working bridge. . . .

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