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Tdsb Partnership Agreement

Facilitated partnerships are only considered in schools if they are compatible and do not interfere in the operation of the school or in the long-term operating or capital plans of the board of directors. Through a new partnership with Sugu World Inc., students design, build and develop drones at meetings that integrate computer engineering with the most advanced approaches to robotics, electronics and programming. Facilitated by aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, airline pilots and certified drone pilots, students engage creatively and technically in the planning of drones for take-off and flight. In addition, students are also studying how drone technology can be successfully integrated into our world today and how technologies of these global skills can benefit humanity. Canada has recognized the Holodomor in Ukraine as one of eight genocides it officially recognizes and has set aside the fourth Friday of each November as a day of remembrance. TDSB looks forward to our New Year`s partnership with the Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta_Canadian, where the "Genocide Denial and Cover-up: The Holodomor in the 20th Century" conference will be available to schools during classes. The Educational Partnership Office (OPC) is the gateway through which proposals for educational programs or services provided by external agencies in schools during the school day are considered partnerships, followed, renewed or concluded, evaluated, documented, accepted or rejected. Partnerships in educational programs have clearly defined indicators of success. We are renewing partnerships that have measured learning and have paid off. Our annual Partnership Reception honours new and renewed partners who offer unique learning opportunities during the course. Unfortunately, this year`s event had to be cancelled.

We can`t wait to celebrate again next year! In total, tDSB received nearly 3,000 proposals, of which more than 600 were accepted to offer educational programs that improve our work with our students, staff and school communities. We appreciate the constant value of partnering with us! TDSB is proud to renew its partnership with the Portuguese Consulate General! Provided by Portuguese authors, language teachers, diplomats or the government of Portugal V.I.P. invited; As expected, these presentations engage and motivate students to learn something about Portuguese culture and develop skills to speak, read and write the Portuguese language.

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