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The Military Clause In Lease Agreements

The military clause is similar to part of the Civil Service Act (SCRA). The law was passed in 1940 and is a federal law that protects those in the military from being exploited or losing property during active service. This law protects against the withdrawal of vehicles, loss of property in warehouses, seizures, ongoing legal proceedings, credit card debts and many other penalties that may impose sanctions on members of the transition service. SCRA is effective for both PCS and for the provision of more than 90 days. You can negotiate the details. The local housing office can provide the military clause used in your geographical area. Military members can invoke the clause if they undergo a permanent change of station (PCS). Example 2: "This lease is executed with the explicit agreement of the lessor that the tenant is on active duty in the United States Armed Forces. Therefore, the rental agreement may be terminated by the tenant thirty (30) days after the tenant`s written notification to the lessor that: (1) the tenant has received permanent orders for station change outside the territory or (2) the tenant has been licensed or licensed. The lease agreement may also be terminated thirty (30) days after the tenant has informed the landlord in writing that the tenant has received from the Agency information that government wards are available under one of the following conditions: (1) The tenant has been ordered to reside in government quarters; or (2) the tenant informed the lessor, prior to the commencement of the lease, that the tenant had applied for crown housing and was expecting government quarters. The lessee shall make available to the lessor a copy of the documents necessary to prove the exercise of this military declassification clause.

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