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Warship Asset Management Agreement

BAE Systems Australia ($1.33 billion), Saab Australia ($125 million) and Naval Ship Management ($444 million) will work on the ongoing framework agreement covering ANZAC-class frigates, land support and training facilities throughout the remaining life of the capability. NSM offers ongoing maintenance of Australia`s Anzac-class frigates under the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA). WaMA was awarded in 2016 and represents a strategic partnership with NSM, BAE Systems, SAAB and the Commonwealth for the entire asset management of anzac-class frigates until the end of their lifespan. Together, the alliance will provide seaworthy warships that will increase the effectiveness of the Royal Australian Navy in the long term. The Defence website is currently being redesigned and upgraded to our new website and user experience. Currently, the eight ships in the class are in the process of ANZAC`s Mid-Life Capability Assurance (AMCAP), which will include a number of upgrades, including a new active phased array aerial surveillance radar. HMAS Arunta has been on the hard stand of Henderson`s joint user facility since September last year, and work on each frigate is expected to take about a year, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. As part of the upgrade, some content is moved and its location is changed. We thank you for your patience as we move forward in this process. HMAS Toowoomba (II) is the seventh Anzac-class frigate launched in 2003 and commissioned in 2005. It was intended for its usual maintenance availability, but due to the regular maintenance activity of the vessel, it was determined that the oil dispenser box was leaking. Most of the WORK under WAMA will be done in Henderson, WA.

Naval Ship Management is a joint venture between UGL and Babcock. NSM offers a range of services to support the ANZAC class, including:. .

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