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What Is A Service Agreement Number

We value your business. Unfortunately, you contacted us outside of our normal business hours. Please visit our convenient self-service options to help you with your needs right now. The Continuity of Service Agreement Program allows owners and managers to maintain uninterrupted gas and electricity service while rental properties are vacant. Here are the benefits: To create a new online business continuity agreement, provide your customer information, configure the basic contract details, and add your properties. When you create an agreement, you can add up to 25 properties. After you create your contract, you can use Manage Agreement to add more properties. Manage your contract online the way you want. To access it, provide Provide: Online changes to your contract will take effect as soon as your application is submitted. If you request a stop to service, this property will not be removed from your contract and you may be charged for a future utility. A contract cannot have more than 450 rental properties at any given time.

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